3 generations of butchering

Our Story

Bert Gallant started butchering in 1950, then joined by his son Warren followed later by grandson Todd in the shop at Rockdale NSW.

Our lambs come straight from our farms on the Southern Tablelands of NSW, prepared in the Shoalhaven and are delivered direct to your door, guaranteeing freshness.

Once the lambs leave our properties, they never leave our control all the way to your door.

The story, tradition, quality & service continue through the current generation.

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Three generations of butchering since 1950.




Fresh quality meat guaranteed

Traditional Half-Lamb Pack

We believe that the farmer should be active and be in direct contact with the consumer, allowing and encouraging learning for all, bringing farming to your door.

Our Lamb pack cuts are traditional, real, fresh. The offals are the same and from the animals processed at the time (no frozen or cryvac meat).

Real Lamb, pasture raised, Australian home grown.

Order A Half Lamb
Order a fresh half lamb pack containing premium meat cuts.
  1. Neck
  2. Shoulder
  3. Breast
  4. Shank
  5. Rack
  6. Loin
  7. Flank
  8. Leg

Lamb is packaged separately according to cut

Choice of either:
Leg Roast (inc shank)
Rolled Roast
Bone in/out

Choice of either:
Pack of Forequarter Chops
Shoulder Roast
Bone in/out

Choice of either:
Cutlets (approx. 8 pieces)
Rib Roast

Pack of Loin Chops
(8-10 pieces)

4 x Lamb Rump/Chump Chops

Pack of Neck Rosettes

Pack of BBQ Spare Ribs

1 x Shank

Kidney, Liver, Heart, Brains & Fresh Bones

{ Whole or half lamb bodies uncut for BBQ or spit type cooking can be supplied. }